Treat your life as a series of two week experiments

This. This I can do.

Committing to an indefinite lifestyle change is, well, daunting. “I’m going to start waking up earlier! I’m going to start running! I’m going to start eating healthy!” Somehow the larger the undertaking feels, the easier it is to keep pushing the start date.

“I’ll start tomorrow!” turns into months, or even years, and that’s when the shame sets in. And shame is a total confidence killer. The cure? Action. Stop think-hoping-wishing and start doing

Tim Ferriss was talking about this whole thing on his podcast recently (Can I find the episode? Of course not, sorry…). But hearing about it just clicked. It took the pressure off a few things I’ve been building up and putting off, prompting me to start my own two week experiment… blogging.

There’s no reason you can’t find 30 minutes (heck even 10) from the next 14 days to try something new. Packing your lunch, meditating, journaling… whatever it is.

Two weeks. Fourteen days. That’s it.

We’re not talking a lifetime. Make a commitment to yourself and honour it, knowing you can re-evaluate the whole thing when you’ve finished.

Think about it, we’re keeping the stakes pretty low here. What do you honestly have to lose? More importantly, what do you have to gain?

Thought so.

P.S. In lieu of a somewhat-passably-relevant stock photo… Please enjoy this snap I took at White Point in Cape Breton Island. Just your standard back yard… Sigh.