Currently #2: The Psychology of Persuasion, teaching finance in schools, and The Future of Cities

You didn’t ask, I answered.


Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert B. Cialdini.
All about what makes us say “Yes!”. This is one of those books I saw referenced so frequently in recent marketing/PR books that I thought I better give it a read myself.

I’ve gone through it pondering how all these principles might apply to the world of money. And art! Because I’m exciting like that…


“Someone Should Teach This in School” Kyle Provost on the Because Money Podcast.
What would it look like if personal finance was taught in high school? Well, Kyle Provost can tell ya because he’s doing just that—leading some pretty awesome change out of Manitoba.

If you don’t have time for the whole thing listen from 23:17-32:00 where he shares why our system makes it so hard to get this change off the ground. It was a total mind=blown moment for me when he talked how politicians, like teachers, have pensions and insurance so they can arguably get by with less financial education than the average Canadian. So where’s the incentive! As Kyle says, “You almost couldn’t create a situation where you had more public demand for a product and less expertise and will power to put it into place.”

…. I know.

But don’t worry… things end on a hopeful note.


The Future Of Cities by Oscar Boyson.
I can’t do this any justice with a summary, you just need to watch it. Essentially it’s a look at how we’re solving big problems facing cities across the globe—like access to fresh water and crazy traffic congestion. And how all this (really exciting!) change is happening bottom up, not top down.

It’s good. Really good.

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