Starting somewhere is better than starting nowhere

Can I confess something?

I’m having a heck of a time starting this blog.

Last March (oh man has it been that long?) I got it in my head this needed to be a thing. I’ve had a craft blog for a few years, but there are other topics I wanted to explore. Topics that needed a different home. Like why are we so bad at teaching people about finance? and how can artists use growth hacking! and what does your money look like if you never want to retire?

So I began jotting down post ideas. Anytime a podcast or advertisement or conversation sparked one. I’d write rough drafts in Evernote when I was in line at the grocery store. It was exciting!

But I didn’t publish much. Or I’d post it only to take it down. I even started a few anonymous blogs.

What gives?

Well… I’ve had it in my head that if you’re going to touch topics like money and marketing, you’d better have it together. You’d better be a voice of authority, an expert!

People want to read actionable How-To’s, not random observations of an unknown twenty-something.

They want answers, not questions. Conclusions!

“I don’t know but here’s a thought…” isn’t good enough. Not decisive enough.

And what if my writing is too casual? Or formal! What if I come across as judgemental or wishy-washy (what a great word…) or as a know-it-all when I’m just trying to start a conversation? What if my content is too scattered—isn’t blogging 101 to pick a niche? What if a future boss/client doesn’t want to work with me because of something I’ve posted?

What if! Oh, screw it I’m just going to watch Netflix instead.

… See what’s happening here?

Nothing. A whole lot of nothing.

I’ve got to figure I’m not the only one who finds themselves in this delightful storm of overthinking-meets-perfectionism-meets-inaction. I can’t be the only one with ALLTHEIDEAS! and nothing to show for it.

Being the season for reflection and resolutions, I’ve spent some time doing just that. And I thought I’d share with you the interwebs a little realization that’s helping me in a big way.

Ready for it?

Starting somewhere is better than starting nowhere.

Producing bad work is better than producing no work.

So just… Start. Somewhere. Anywhere. You don’t even have to share it! But you do have to consistently show up and do the work.

Promise the world won’t end if you make something less than perfect.

Noted? Noted.

P.S. In lieu of a somewhat-passably-relevant stock photo… Please enjoy this snap I took in the middle of the SK-5 on my way from Saskatoon to Preeceville last summer. It’s seriously beautiful out there, FYI.