Currently #4: The power of introverts, Matt Mullenweg, and a baby real estate agent

You didn’t ask, I answered.


Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking by Susan Cain

I’ve taken a dive into the world of personality types over the last half year or so and MAN, what a game changer.

If it’s something you’ve ever wanted to explore I’d say start by taking the 16 Personalities quiz to find your Myers-Briggs type, then go read what your personality type does in a rut.

I mean WHAT. So interesting.

Now of course, you can’t go using these labels as an excuse, “I can’t do that because I’m an IN-whatever.” But as a framework it’s helped me make sense of why I act and react the way I do. It’s helped me reframe traits I’ve long seen as weaknesses into strengths. Which is a biggie.

I digress… the book!! The most interesting part to me was the research on introverts vs extroverts in the workplace (these differences are SO important and largely ignored) and in childhood. What it’s like to be a highly reactive, aka introverted, kid and how various experiences including trauma influence you differently. Lot’s of my-life-finally-makes-sense moments were had. It was great.


Do You Have Your Own Internal “Code” — Matt Mullenweg on the James Altucher Show

You know when you walk around pretending to know what a term means but secretly you’re praying someone doesn’t ask you to define it…. Ya.

Open source.

Like I essentially knew what it meant, but not really. Sure as heck couldn’t explain it. For those of you that can relate listen from 10:45 to 17:20, Matt does a great job of explaining what open source code means and why it’s so important.

“Open source essentially creates a bill of rights for software. As a developer you cannot take away any of the freedoms you yourself were given.”

Also, how relaxing is Matt’s voice? Can we get him narrating on Audible? K thanks.


Well played.

roncesvalles toronto real estate ad may 2017

I know the baby-photo-real-estate-agent thing isn’t new… but did this ever make me smile. And in Roncesvalles? Well played, Sir. Know your demographic.

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