Hiding your competition isn’t going to keep me from finding them


This seems obvious, but it’s funny how quick we are to forget it as marketers.

We won’t tell the person asking about our email software that we don’t have the features they need, but the other guys do. We won’t tell visitors to our store that the couch in the fabric they really want is sold down the street. We won’t tell the couple sitting across our desk that they’d be better off with insurance coverage from the other guys…

We sell them on the next best thing we offer.

As if somehow by hiding the competition, our customers won’t find out they exist. They won’t know they have options and they’ll choose us.

Like, what?!

Everyone knows they have options. It’s called Google. They know there are “other guys” and they know how to find them.

So what are we afraid of? If what we’re selling is that good and we believe in it that strongly, getting stacked against our competition actually does us a favour.

Customers can smell fear. And that’s all this is. It shows insecurity, a lack of confidence, and frankly it undermines the intelligence of our audience. Certainly doesn’t inspire much in the way of trust, does it?

If the only way we can make a sale is by tricking people into thinking we’re the sole option… we’ve failed as marketers.

We can do so, so much better.

Epic tip jar courtesy of The Remarkable Bean in the Beaches, Toronto. I voted Big Bird. (Obviously…)