Why being multipassionate is a strength you should be proud of

I’m not a specialist.

And that’s OK. I’ve given up trying to find my calling. 

Dare I say I’m finally embracing, not just accepting, all these interests of mine.

I listened to Emilie Wapnick talk about this on the Quote of the Day podcast and it was sweet, sweet vindication to my multi-passionate ears.

In case you find yourself in a similar boat (boats?) I present to you, in no particular order, reasons why being into all of the things is actually a strength you should be proud of.

Your ego can thank me later.

Innovation happens at the intersections.

Ever notice that? Medicine and technology. Fashion and science. All the good stuff—the new ideas that change our world for the better—comes out of these overlaps.

And thanks to resumes that read more like choose-your-own-adventure books we’ve got lots of overlaps to draw on.

We’re used to be beginners.

We’re not afraid of trying new things. Of showing up and admitting we don’t have a damn clue what’s going on. We’re not intimidated by being the worst in the room at something because we know that’s how you learn.

We’re not only comfortable starting at the bottom, we thrive on it.

Skills translate.

And here’s the thing, we never really start from the bottom, because skills translate.

The way we approach and break down problems translates. The questions we ask, our curiosity, our intuition, our ability to communicate… these are universal skills we take with us wherever we go.

We’re adaptable.

We can take on different roles depending on what’s demanded of us. We don’t say, “Sorry, that’s not in my job description.” If we don’t know how to do something we say, “Challenge accepted.”

We do the work. We figure it out.

Those are some pretty great qualities to have, yes?

The world needs specialists. But it needs us multi-passionate types, too.

We’re not going to be successful in spite of our interests, we’re going to be successful because of our interests. 

(You’re welcome.)

So maybe the multi-passionate thing didn’t pan out so well for this variety store… That’s OK. Taken while passing through the Danforth Village in Toronto.