Week in Marketing #2: IKEA, Apple Music, Kelly’s Bake Shoppe & more

In which I chat you through some of the top notch, cringy, or just interesting marketing bits I’ve stumbled across in the last week.

So this feels slightly less, fumbling… than last weeks initial attempt. Thank goodness. Onwards and (hopefully) upwards.

This week I talk about…

(0:20) IKEA ads on Instagram, including a great example of how to sell a typically boring product, a serving tray. Makers, this is for you!

(2:13) Apple Music ad on Instagram for their new Carpool Karaoke series, and some musings on how they seem to have lost out to Spotify.

(4:15) A high end gluten-free vegan bakery in Burlington, Kelly’s Bake Shoppe, that’s turned themselves into a must visit destination.

(6:20) Rogers HBO ads on Twitter. Don’t love it but not sure what I’d suggest to improve… thoughts?

(7:20) Run and Gun coffee shop in Toronto hosts movie nights. Now that’s empathizing with your customer.

(8:30) An accountant in the Junction makes great use of their front windows.

(9:37) An email from Adobe Creative Cloud promoting an editing class.

Anything interesting you’ve seen recently? Ads, product news, signs, trends… a particularly great sandwich board? Please share!

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