Week in Marketing #3: Roots, Catbird, Duracell & the Washington Post

In which I chat you through some of the top notch, cringy, or just interesting marketing bits I’ve stumbled across in the last week.

Still quite rambly, I KNOW GUYS, I know. Pondering if I should make a serious effort to keep these under 10 minutes by limiting them to 3 things each video, and/or if I should try grouping some of these around a common theme i.e. retail, finance, twitter ads, billboards, etc.

I’ll experiment and see where it takes me!

This week I talk about…

(0:10) Roots Canada… is back?! Apparently there’s an IPO on the horizon and I for one am noticing an uptick in their advertising.

(2:10) Catbird Jewelry, masters of the Instagram story and creating community around (seriously gorgeous) physical products.

(4:34) Can we talk about batteries for a minute, specifically, the Duracell ads I keep seeing on Twitter?

(8:20) A great display of empathy from the Washington Post during Hurricane Harvey.

(10:10) A print ad. For Bananas. In the New York Times. (I know.)

Anything interesting you’ve seen recently? Ads, product news, signs, trends… a particularly great sandwich board? Please share!

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