The Gap Between Amateur and Professional

It’s easy to write about fear.

Have you ever noticed that?

Whenever I’ve taken a hiatus from blogging [Narrator: she was always taking a hiatus from blogging] the easiest way for me to get back into it is to write about a) how hard it is to get started and b) the importance of starting. Of starting right now, with what you have, and where you are.

I do this whole… motivational-platitude-soapbox thing. It feels good. It feels good to ship something even if it wasn’t one of the hundreds of half-baked posts sitting (OK, rotting) in my Dynalist.

I pat myself on the back because I feel like things have changed. I’ve changed.

I’m now going to be a Blogger. Or a YouTuber. Or a Captial-Something. I’m convinced, in those moments after clicking “Publish”, that I’ve conquered Resistance once and for all.

It’s going to be so much easier to show up the next time. Right!? Right? …You Guys?

[Narrator: Wrong.]

As it turns out, the devil isn’t in starting. The devil is in continuously showing up.

Anyone can show up once. Continuing to show up when you say you will?

Therein lies the tricky bit.

Therein lies the gap between amateur and professional.

Taken just outside of Moderna Museet on my trip Stockholm last Spring. Nothing like a good get back on the bike/in the saddle metaphor for September, yes?