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Are you empowering Canadians by building financial products and services that are accessible, low-cost, and easy to use? Are you tired of people assuming you’re just like everyone else in the finance industry? Are you sick of being on a hamster wheel of growth tactics that don’t seem to work for more than a month?

We should talk.

I’m betting your problem isn’t awareness and “getting in front of people”. I’m betting your problem is that you’re not getting in front of the right people. I’m betting that people know about you, but that they don’t understand why they need you. Deeper then that, they don’t trust you.

No amount of “differentiation”, Facebook ads, and highlighting product features is going to fix that.

You’ve got a connection problem that needs to be solved with clearer communication. Which, as you might have guessed, is where I come in…

I help you get off the hamster wheel and build steady, long-term growth by creating content your customers actually look forward to.

Imagine that? Image not sending out a newsletter one week and having someone email you to say, “Hey, where are you folks? I missed you Friday morning!”

Imagine being missed. That’s the power of good content and clear copy.

These are the happy customers that are going to tell their friends about you. And that’s how you’re going to see the conversions and bottom line growth you’re after. It’s not easy, but it works.

Let’s make it happen.


  • Blog content. I write targeted, SEO-friendly content that cuts through the noise and engages your customers.
  • Marketing communications strategy and management. I’ll work with you to establish a marketing communications plan that meets your customer acquisition and retention goals. I’ll produce, post, and manage all content (i.e. blog, newsletter, web copy, social media). I’ll effectively be your first marketing hire, helping you get the lay of the land and establish a solid foundation you can continue build on. This is ideal for early-stage startups who need marketing help but either aren’t ready to hire someone full-time, or aren’t sure what they should be hiring for next (I’ll help you figure that out… and write the job ads!). We need to commit to a minimum of three months together to see meaningful progress and gather useful data about your audience.


What you should know about me

  • I’m not a designer or a web developer (obviously) but I like working with them.
  • I don’t believe you need to be everywhere. I don’t believe that every company needs a blog, or a Facebook page, or a whatever-it-is.
  • I’m over the term “content marketing”. I’d rather simply figure out who your customers are, where they hang out online and offline, and how you can help them. Let’s make your company more human, not a content marketing machine. By humans for humans, because people buy from people.
  • I’m not big on the typical ‘downloadable opt-in followed by a multi-email sequence’ tactic to grow and convert your list. Not because it never works! Email funnels have their place. But because many businesses use them as a crutch, get hung up on them, and lose sight of the bigger picture in the process. Also, I think as consumers we’re getting tired of it. My focus is will always be on cultivating regular lines of communication with your customers.


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