What I’m working on

I’m leaving for Europe in six days. Six days! I’m going to Manchester, Oslo, Stockholm, and Copenhagen with Mumma Smalls. It’s the final leg of our family history trip and we’re headed to the motherland.

I’m learning from this rad group of fee only financial planners.

I’m taking photos of my favourite Toronto neighbourhoods.

I’m working on my business, not just in it. I’m taking Creative Class and The Marketing Seminar (second time taking TMS, it’s that good).

I’m learning how to prioritize. And I’m thankful for the group of women I’m learning from in The Quarterly.

I’m taking on 1 new copywriting and strategy client in June.

Last but not least, I’m constantly reminding myself of this *points below*.

Updated on May 3 2018.

Thanks to Derek Sivers for making now pages a thing. Because, let’s face it, they’re a heck of a lot more interesting than your traditional about page.