What I’m up to now

I’m working with the the fine folks at Spring Financial Planning as a paraplanner, helping senior financial planners create and update client plans.

I’m freelancing for a few select Canadian FinTech clients, writing content and helping with their overall marketing strategy.

I’m a co-host on season 5 of the Because Money Podcast, where I get to nerd out and talk about all things money and money-adjacent.

My creative side is thriving and I’m back into my crafts in a big way. A face lift of my craft blog, Tracing Threads, is underway and I’ve got a rather exciting project (business?!) brewing in the background. Stay tuned 😉

Aaaand I’ve been reminding myself of this. *points below*

Updated March 13, 2019.

Thanks to Derek Sivers for making now pages a thing. Because, let’s face it, they’re a heck of a lot more interesting than your traditional about page.