Personal finance stories I’d love to read

How to spend money.

How to make money.

How to save money.

How to invest money.

Personal finance content tends to be heavy on the how-to guides. And I get it. Cause it’s not like we were taught this stuff in school.

But isn’t money about so much… more?

Which got me to thinking, what other topics would I like to see addressed in personal finance?

Well, here’s a few ideas…

– Interviews with immigrants that focus on cultural differences in mindset and expectations around money. A conversation that would show what each culture takes for granted, how values differ and where those values and expectations come from in the first place. Family? The media? Where are these standards coming from and who are we trying to impress?

– Stories from residents or immigrants who are supporting family back home. How does that affect their relationships, the way they look at job security, and they way they plan for the future?

– Stories from interracial couples that experience cultural differences around how they look at and handle their money. How does this play out when you’re joining two families? And if one partner immigrates to the other’s country… what did their relationship with money look like through that process? Do they look at money differently now than before they immigrated?

– Stories from couples who come from totally different socioeconomic backgrounds. What was dating like? What changed with marriage, kids, in-laws? What fears and insecurities come up and how do they deal with them? What’s it like to marry into a wealthy family, a poor family?

– The power of scarcity versus abundance mindset when it comes to money. How people who grew up with a scarcity mindset were able to cultivate one of abundance. How that applies to more than money. How that plays out in family structures.

– The impact of self-development on your finances. Stories about how someone purposely worked to improve other areas of their life—health, fitness, career, relationships—and it affected their values and thus how they were spending or looking at their money.

– Stories about what it’s like for parents with kids living at home, or parents with adult dependents.

– Interviews with parents who are giving their kids money early instead of waiting until they die to pass on an inheritance.

– How someone having their parents help them buy a house affected their relationship with them. Did it add pressure or expectations? What’s the emotional side of accepting help that people might not think about?

– How people with trust funds think about money. How having a trust fund or knowing they can expect a large sum of money at some point affects the risks they’re willing to take, their careers, and how they plan for the future.

– How cognitive behavioral therapy (or any kind of therapy) changed someone’s relationship with money.

– How trauma affected someones relationship with money. So not just talking about emotional spending but the root cause of that emotional spending.

– How someone with autism or bipolar disorder or schizophrenia handles their money.

– Okay, anything on mental health and money. Because I think that’s a seriously under-discussed topic in finance.

Basically, I’d like to see content that doesn’t center around takeaways and actionables. I’d like to see more stories.

Stories that let you see the world through someone else’s eyes. Stories that make you aware of and challenge your biases. Stories that make you think about someone other than yourself.

Stories that give you perspective.

What about you, what would you like to see more of?

I was going to say that this photo has nothing to do with the post, but, I guess fences and personal finance content have enough in common. Taken at Regent Park in Toronto.