Finding Your Productivity Domino

This whole being a human thing is hard.

We’ve all got a laundry list of things we know make us feel like healthy, fulfilled, productive members of society. The problem, of course, is that the things that make us feel better in the long term are a pain in the ass to do in the short term.

Working out is hard. Eating well is hard. Remember to take your vitamins is hard. Making time to write, or read, or hike, or paint, or whatever-it-is that helps you grow into a better version of yourself is hard.

Here’s a hack I’ve found.

Look at your self-betterment laundry list. What’s the one thing you do that makes all of the other stuff come a little easier?

For me, it’s working out. When I work out I naturally start eating better. I start sleeping better, my mind feels more clear, I’m sharper at work, I’m more present at home, I’m less anxious, and I’ve got the energy to pick up my knitting after dinner. I am, in short, pretty damn close to this mythical “best self”.

Now it’s not a magic bullet. And knocking over that first domino isn’t easy. In fact, it’s brutal. It doesn’t matter how great I know it is for me (I mean look at that list of benefits—infomercial worthy!) it’s still a battle.

Buuuuut it’s easier to fight one battle than ten.

So! Next time you’re feeling out of whack, don’t try to start 30 things at once. Don’t nominate this as the Monday you start sleeping 8 hours, eating clean, meditating 20 minutes a day, and growing your own lettuce.

Simply find your domino. Knock it over. Repeat.

The rest will come.

Tell me this isn’t the most fitting photo for this post. The gears! I mean come on! Taken at the K.A. Almgren Silk Weaving Mill Stockholm aka my personal heaven on earth.