Create in Context

Here’s a hot Resistance-battling tip: create in context!

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to any sort of writing work the vastness of a fresh document intimidates the heck out of me. It makes me think I need to create something BIG enough, good enough to be worthy of such space.

Much easier, I’ve noticed, to create in context. To write my blog posts in Worpdress, my newsletters in Mailchimp, my Instagram captions right in the app, etc. I also create templates for client articles so that after the research and outline stage I simply have to go in and write it section by section.

Creating in context is easier because I know exactly what amount of space I have to fill. The end is literally within sight, you know? There’s a freedom to that.

As Elise Joy says, sometimes the only way to think outside the box is to give yourself a box.

So, if you’re having trouble getting started, try experimenting with the structure or context that you create within. The idea is to find a way to make whatever it is you create more approachable, to trick your brain into thinking that the stakes are low.

Which, P.S., they usually are.

Graphic by me, obvs.