How Do You Know if You’ve Done Enough?

Well now this is a damn good question. On any given day, how do you know if you’ve done enough?

What does that mean to you? Is it a feeling (i.e. a sense of achievement) or is it an action (i.e. I wrote 500 words today, even if I hate 498 of them)? What do you tell yourself if you attain this done-enough-ness? What do you tell yourself if you don’t?

The way you interpret and answer this question will be completely unique to you. Which is, of course, the entire point.

For me, currently, I think of the things I do that make me feel like I’m moving in the direction of myself. Not a better, shinier, more productive version of myself… but… more of who I already am.

So, on the days where I attained done-enough-ness, what did I do?

  • I made and/or shipped something
  • I moved my body purposefully
  • I learned something new that changed the way I see the world, others, or myself
  • I connected to something bigger than myself (if I get in a headspace where I think the world begins and ends with me it is a bad day, indeed)

It doesn’t matter if I did any of these things particularly well or if someone else liked them, it simply matters that I showed up. These are practices, not deliverables. And when I go through the (often messy) motions of the practice, I tend to feel like I’ve done enough.

Whatever this question brings up for you, perhaps it can serve as a prompt to uncover the practices that actually matter to you. To see if you’re making time for them and check if the way you measure success is serving you.

Be careful what you measure.

Your metrics matter.

Taken on a trip to New York this past fall.