The Fundamentals of Marketing

What are we talking about when we talk about marketing? To me, a discussion of marketing is a conversation about a few core fundamentals. Namely:

1. Attention

How do we get it and what do we do with it once we have it?

2. Trust

How do we earn and maintain it? What’s the promise we’re making and how do we show up to it?

3. Perspective

Having a brand means having a point of view. What’s ours? How do we express it in everything that we build and do?

And when it comes to our audience, how do they see the world? How can we meet them where they are?

4. Resonance

Good marketing resonates. It’s pre-verbal. How can we communicate in a way that leverages all of the senses, connecting us with and to our full selves?

5. Responsibility

It’s a privilege to show up and advocate for a group of people that trust you to lead the way. How can we, as Seth Godin says, make things better by making better things? How can we contribute by building something that’s inherently generative?

In short: how can we use what we have to do what we can?