What Direction Will You Build In?

You can approach building in a few different directions:

1. I want to publish a thing (blog, newsletter, podcast, etc)

What can I make within the structure of a blog? Of a newsletter? Of an Instagram account?

2. I want to share this information

What’s the best structure or platform for that? A blog? A video? A podcast? An Instagram account?

3. I want to teach people this thing

How’s that best presented? A written guide? A video course? A slide show? Hands-on learning? Which senses and learning styles should I engage and how?

4. I want to change people in this way

What’s the best container for that? 1:1 work? A course? A workshop? A book? A podcast?

5. I want to accomplish this goal (sell a product/service, establish expertise, build audience, etc)

What’s the best way to accomplish that? What’s the strategy? What’s the channel? What will I measure?

You can make things fit the structure or you can make a structure that fits the thing.

Structure and spirit. Two very important things to consider when making something new.