Where Do You Spend Your Time?

Most of us spend our time here, *points above*, twenty steps ahead. Making contingency plans for things that haven’t gone wrong yet. Worrying what people will think about the stuff we haven’t made yet. Deciding what software we’ll upgrade to once we’ve reached a certain revenue, client, or audience goal.

We spend our time here because it’s easier to deal with future possibilities than present realities. Making stuff is uncomfortable. And we attempt to ease that discomfort by convincing ourselves that we can accurately predict the path forward.*

When really, we’d all benefit from spending a lot more of our time here, *points above*, in the present. Focused on the next right action.

And here, *points below*, on the big picture.

Where are you now, where are you going, and what’s the next right action that’ll move you closer?

Often, the work is shuttling between the two.

*Planning and milestones are important, ABSOLUTELY, but spending most of our time in the middle isn’t helping us. Especially when we’re focused on things outside of our control, like what people will think of us and/or our work.