Where Did We Learn How To Ask Questions?

Questions about questions. My favourite.

At the 2021 SheEO Summit yesterday, I had the absolute joy of learning about curiosity from Chenny Xia. She took us through a few exercises to help us see what questions we tend to ask and why.

Questions tend to lead with who, what, where, when, why, and how. What’s interesting is which of those you find yourself using the most and the least. And where you learned how to do that.

For me, I seem to ask a lot of who, why, and how questions. I rarely ask when and where questions. Fascinating! What does that mean? Why aren’t I keen to explore time and place, or to orient myself in those ways?

I’m excited to explore that, and to explore one of the final questions she left us with:

“What would it look like for me to ask a diverse set of questions?”

How wonderful. And how very deeply needed in our world.

Thanks, Chenny.