Let’s be honest, about pages are the actual worst to write. Second only to the dreaded LinkedIn summary. Promise I’ll put real effort towards crafting something equal parts informative and irresistible soon, but in the meantime, here are a few tidbits to tide you over…

— I just had to Google that it is in fact ‘tidbits’ not ‘timbits’.

— Yes, I’m Canadian.

— I’m a marketer (you’re cringing, aren’t you?). Marketing gets a bad rap and frankly, it’s well deserved. Traditional marketing (think advertising and pushy sales tactics) sucks. It’s skeezy, it’s selfish, and it doesn’t even work. Modern marketing, however, is based on empathy. It’s about serving, teaching, and leading people who actually want to hear from you. It’s how can I help you, not how can I help myself. This scares a lot of people because empathy doesn’t boil down to data, but it works.

— Speaking of things that suck for a lot of people and shouldn’t… Money. I got my grad degree in financial planning and my FPSC Level 1 thinking I’d become a financial-meets-marketing-meets-business planner for creative entrepreneurs. I come from a family of creatives (makers, artists, designers, craftspeople…however you want to pigeon-hole that) and have worked with creatives for years in retail, non-profits, and start-ups. I saw brilliantly talented people doing amazing work but struggling to push through. It drove me nuts (but they’re so good!)They were being wildly underserved by the industries they needed most—banking, insurance, retail, marketing, funding, business development, etc. I saw a whole lot of problems and I wanted to be a part of the solution.

— So I became a financial planner. Or at least started down that path only to decide I didn’t actually want to do, you know, the planning part. I’m more interested in how we teach people about money than advising people on what to do with theirs.

— Which brings me back to marketing. No matter who I’m working with—technology start-ups, small businesses, financial planners—helping people share their story and purpose is what I love to do. You know when you see something and think, “Oh, that’s good. How don’t people know about this?!” Well, that’s my job. I get the word out.

— Oh, and all those problems I mentioned facing creatives and small business owners? I’m still working on that. I just don’t know what a solution looks like… yet. But I think this, talking about it, is a good place to start.

— At the very least I hope to show you that marketing (and money!) doesn’t have to suck.

… Did I just inadvertently write a reasonably informative about page?!

Maybe, almost. It’s a start.