Let’s be real, writing your own about page is the actual worst. Second only to the dreaded LinkedIn summary.

Do you honestly want to know what I minored in or read a cute quip about my coffee addiction?

Probably not. 

But, as a curious human myself, I know it’s important to tell you a little bit about what I do, how I got here, and what I’m into.


I’m Kate. I’m a marketing communications consultant and freelance writer living in Toronto, Canada. I help brands find their people, figure out what to say to them, and build something worth talking about.

I live and work here *points above* at the intersection of money, marketing, and makers. I’ve built my career helping early-stage startups in Toronto and New York establish their content marketing, customer acquisition, and community strategies. A few years ago I got a graduate certificate in financial planning and my FPSC Level 1 because I noticed money was hard for creatives to make sense of (much less access) and I was determined to bridge that gap. Now, I help (fin)tech companies create educational and empowering content for creative small business owners.

I’m the founder of Craft Uncommon, a platform that’s dedicated to championing craft and helping makers build sustainable businesses.

I like to talk about money. Both how to make it and what to do with it. I believe that the shame we hold around money doesn’t belong to us and that the more we talk about it the more we empower others to make their own best choices.

I’m into craft. Like, really into craft. I have 3 sewing machines (including an industrial Juki DDL5530 that weighs about half as much as I do), a Leclerc floor loom, a spinning wheel, and a bag of knitting needles that I won’t hesitate to shake in your general direction.

I love taking photos of old things and making new things, which I share on my craft, photography, and creative history blog Tracing Threads.

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