Hey there! I’m Kate. I’m a marketing communications consultant and writer living in Toronto, Canada. 

I work here, *points above*, at the intersection of money, marketing, and makers. I’ve built my career helping early-stage startups establish their content marketing, customer acquisition, and community strategies. I help brands find their people, figure out what to say to them, and create things worth sharing.

I like to talk about money. I’m a Qualified Associate Finacial Planner (QAFP) and certified in The Trauma of Money Method. I believe that the more openly and honestly we can talk about money—including the systems that shape our access to it and relationship with it—the better off we’ll all be. 

I’m currently building something new (more on that soon!). After years of helping people build their businesses, I’m putting some of that energy towards one of my own.

I’m into craft. Like, really into craft. I have 3 sewing machines (including an industrial Juki DDL5530 that weighs about half as much as I do), a Leclerc floor loom, a spinning wheel, and a bag of knitting needles that I won’t hesitate to shake in your general direction.

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